Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free Secure Emailing for Outlook Users


BabelSecure LLC Maximizes Microsoft Advantage

Tucson, Ariz., August 5, 2008 - BabelSecure LLC announced today the marriage of secure emailing with Outlook users by the release of its free Samurai encryption download for Microsoft Outlook 2007. The free download will be available beginning August 15, 2008 via the BabelSecure website,

Originally released as a paid-for encryption method for the Blackberry, Samurai Technology was developed for Microsoft Outlook 2007 users as an encryption solution previously unavailable from Microsoft. This completely integrated security tool helps facilitate both security and ease of use for the many everyday users of Outlook 2007. The new free download will provide the security and resources typically associated with costly encryption methods.

By adding Samurai encryption technology to Outlook 2007, we’ve been able to maximize functionality and effectiveness for email users,” Wayne Rod, president of BabelSecure LLC said. “This solution is something many people in the security industry have strived to achieve for a long time. Once again, Samurai has been on the forefront of efficient, solid security for everyone worried about communication protection.”

BabelSecure LLC is in discussions with a variety of partner businesses addressing the fundamental markets of: protected communications; secure movie and program downloads; computer data protection; and secure control of remote computers. Samurai is an easy to use and easy to install data protection technology that works with any field, on any platform with which information security is of the greatest importance.

If you would like further information, or would like to schedule a meeting with the principals, please contact Crystal Ogram at 520/440-2783 or email